Ramakrishna Mission, Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri


We invite the initated Devotees of the Ramakrishna parampara to come, stay and revitalize their spiritual fervor and reignite their zeal for Sadhana. The highest gift is the gift of Spirituality. May the ambiance of this Ashrama nurture you to attain such Spirituality.

Come stay for 3-5 days and dwell in the spiritual aura of the ashrama and enjoy the bliss by partaking in the temple routine and spiritual Sadhana.

You are welcome to further extend your stay here, upon availed permission.


Please write an email to yadadri.bhuvanagiri@rkmm.org with the details about your visit.

It is mandatory to pre-book your visit by writing to the mentioned email to faciliate your admission for the same.


1. Only devotees who are initiated by Ramakrishna sangha Guru’s will be allowed to stay in the Ashrama.

2. Please attend the temple and dining Hall routine.

3. As medical facilities are not available within 15KM of the Ashrama, the Ashrama can’t take responsibility for the medical emergencies of the sadhakas.

4. Hire taxis are available for pre-booking. Ashrama vehicle will not be provided.

5. Ashrama can’t arrange special diets in the kitchen.

6. Laundry services will not be provided. Room cleaning will be done once in 2 days.

7. Spend as much time in silence and avoid gossip.

8. Please bring torch, umbrella, toiletries, sufficient (personal) medicines, etc., as they are not available nearby.

9. Don’t pay the staff (with tips). Please give it in office so it will be distributed equally among all staff.

10. Only BSNL network works in the Ashrama premises. Please bring BSNL SIM if you want to use your Mobile phone. No Internet will be provided by the Ashrama.

11. We charge a nominal fee which includes your accommodation and food.

12. Accommodation will be provided for 1 month (maximum) after which it can be renewed with the Adhyaksha Maharaj’s permission.