Ramakrishna Mission, Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri


Ramakrishna Mission, Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri is one of the newest Centres of Ramakrishna Sangha. Situated 40 km eastward of Hyderabad city, on a 22 acres of expansive land. The Ashrama is filled with 10,000 trees planted and cared lovingly by the Monks and Devotees of Ramakrishna Sangha.

The Ashrama is nestled on a hillside. The land ascends from the entrance upwards into a hillock as if to convey the route taken by the consciousness to attain the Ultimate.

The main road winds through the tree line accentuating a pristine lake and takes one towards the Temple.

The wooded area around the Temple is studded with cottages (newly renovated) meant to accommodate Sadhakas who want to experience the saying of Sri Ramakrishna that Sadhana has to be done in Mone’, Bone’, Kone’ i.e. in mind, in forest, and in a corner (seclusion).

Gazing at the pristine forest and the exotic birds chirping about, prompts us to let go of our fears, our doubts and our attachments and brings in the awareness that the Essence of Spirituality is in witnessing and not in participating.

The call of Peacocks reminds us of the plaintive yearning of Gopikas for their beloved Krishna.

A deep silence wraps the land in morning, afternoon and in night, goading us to set everything aside and sit in Meditation and sync ourselves with the Silence around. A trek around the Ashrama rejuvenates our limbs. The Prasad of the Ashrama rejuvenates both our body and mind.



Ranganathananda Auditorium

Lake front

Sri Sarada Dining Hall

Back forest lake